Super Simple Iced Tea

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A bright and refreshing crowd pleaser from the Canton Summer Drinks Guide.

Iced teas are easy peasy crowd pleasers- sweet, fruity and familiar. To make an iced tea, your tea is brewed hot with the addition of sugar and fresh fruits and herbs, then diluted with cold water and then cooled in the fridge. To make things even quicker and easier try using natural fruit syrups- these days there are some fabulous high-quality syrups made using real fruits designed for the cocktail industry- we recommend The Bristol Syrup Company.

This recipe comes from our Canton Summer Drinks Guide, which contains over 30 inspiring and easy-to-deliver recipes for cold tea-based drinks. From innovative Sparkling Teas and Matcha Coolers to classic, crowd pleasing Iced Teas and Cocktails created exclusively for Canton by award-winning mixologists. The guide will give your tea menu a summer boost.


Canton Jasmine Pearls and Elderflower Iced Tea

Sweet, bright and floral- this is the perfect, elegant iced tea for a summer’s day.

Ingredients (to make 4 serves)
10g Canton Jasmine Pearls
100ml elderflower syrup
Optional garnish: lemon slices

To make the iced tea concentrate
1. Infuse 10g Canton Jasmine Pearls in 500ml of water at 75°C for 10 minutes, then strain.
2. Stir in 100ml elderflower syrup.
3. Pour the concentrate into an airtight container and store in the fridge until fully chilled, we recommend doing this overnight.

To serve
Dilute 125ml of concentrate with 125ml of cold filtered water. Serve over ice and add optional garnish.



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