Is Canton Tea organic?

by Scarlett Swallow,

Some of our teas are certified organic. However, it's not something we mention on the packaging. Here's why. 

Ethical and responsible sourcing of tea

by Kate Popham,

Last year 40 million kilograms of “Darjeeling tea” was sold worldwide. But here is a fact: Darjeeling’s yearly production is 8 to 9 million kilograms of tea. Something is definitely afoot here. We headed to Darjeeling to investigate.

Beyond fairtrade in Taiwan

by Alice Evans,

This month, I travelled with Edgar to Taiwan to seek out the very best tea for you to enjoy next season. In the first of a special series on Taiwanese tea, I've found out a typical day in the life of a tea picker and how a skill shortage is driving up their wages. 

Canton Chocolate Noir and the vanilla dilemma

by Alice Evans,

This year the price of Madagascan vanilla, a key component in Canton Chocolate Noir tea, briefly exceeded the price of silver. This presented us with a dilemma- should we compromise on quality in order to hit our target cost?