The best gluten free bakery in London?

by Scarlett Swallow,

Since 2015, Beyond Bread has been leading the way as a bakery in the heart of London where their goodies are fresh, satisfying and entirely gluten free.

5 hotels we love to visit

by Scarlett Swallow,

Five of our favourite hotels around the country well worth a visit, for many more reasons than just because they offer a lovely cup of Canton.

Canton Tea at The Wolseley

by Scarlett Swallow,

In an exciting new partnership, Canton Tea is now served at The Wolseley, Piccadilly, and Café Wolseley, at Bicester Village.

Canton Supplier: The Obubu Tea Garden

by Alice Evans,

The story of Obubu starts with its founder and lead farmer, Akihiro Kita, or “Akky”. Akky is the dancing wonder of Obubu. A tiny Japanese man who looks so unassuming but can lift 100kg of tea over his shoulder, and who dances around the tea fields.