The tea that began it all: Pouchong

by Jennifer Wood,

Just why did we start a specialist tea company 10 years ago? In the teeth of competition from giant corporations, when the profound disinterest of the food service sector meant loose leaf, green tea stood for hassle and health nuts. So why did we do it?

From poppies to roses

by Alice Evans,

Until the late 1970s the Lalehzar Valley in Iran was a difficult place to make a living. Farmers grew subsistence crops and supplemented their income by growing opium poppies illegally for heroin production – the arid climate is suitable for little else.

The season, flush and flavour of Darjeeling

by Alice Evans,

The unique flavour of a Darjeeling tea is often described as a ‘Muscatel’ but the flavours vary with the season – and it is the plucking period that defines the season. There are four harvests a year in India: First, Second, Monsoon and Autumn each producing teas with different characteristics.

The most sought-after Japanese green tea?

by Kate Popham,

In Kate’s second blog from the Obubu farm, she tells us about one of the most sought-after Japanese green teas – shaded Sencha. How is it grown? And why is it so special? Let’s find out…

Nepali tea. History and the Jun Chiyabari garden

by Alice Evans,

Traditionally, when asked to list the main tea producing countries of the world, Nepal doesn’t automatically come to mind. In fact, Nepal has been producing tea for years and you may not have even realised you were drinking it.

Wild teas and wild herbs from remote regions

by Alice Evans,

We love wild grown teas. From stories of tea pickers trekking up steep mountains for a single harvest, to abandoned tea farms left to grow untamed for decades.

Teas of the eighteenth century English tea trade

by Alice Evans,

Markman Ellis is Professor of Eighteenth Century Studies at Queen Mary University of London. He is the editor of ‘Tea And The Tea-Table In Eighteenth-Century England', and in this guest blog, shares with us what teas were drunk in 18th Century England.

Genmaicha and Japanese tea history

by Alice Evans,

This week I’m excited to explore more of Japanese tea, in particular Genmaicha green tea. Many of you may have heard of this classic Japanese tea as ‘Popcorn tea’.

The perfect English Breakfast tea blend

by Alice Evans,

Alice Evans, Canton head of tea delves into the art of blending tea with a profile on our most popular tea, Canton English Breakfast.