Canton Big Red Robe

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Taste the mineral rich earth of the Wuyi Mountains, an awe-inspiring oolong with reverential status

Tea details


From deep in the rocky Wuyi Mountains, a unique terroir of cool air, high humidity and fertile soil gives this famous oolong its characteristic mineral flavour profile. A slow roast over local pine charcoal builds deep, rich notes of cocoa within the dark, twisted leaves.

Origin: China

Region: Wuyi, Fujian Province

Producer: Mr Mao Yingde

Altitude: 800m
Lat: 27° 38’ 6.612’’ N Long: 117° 55’ 56.172’’ E
Taste: Brazil nut, cocoa
Aroma: Petrichor
Body: Rich, medium-full

For perfect tea




2 min


Oolong tea: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis ‘Da Hong Pao’

Other names

Da Hong Pao