Canton Lemon Noir

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Sun-kissed days call for iced black tea with a twist of lemon. Serve hot in the AM, iced in the PM or cold with a shot of gin at night.

Tea details


A stunning, summery blend created especially for cold brew and iced tea. Whole leaf black teas grown wild and on small family run estates are blended with orange peel and sherbet-like lemon essential oil; it's packed full of bright citrussy flavour and 100% natural, just like all of our teas. For the ultimate, simple summer cold brew, infuse 16g of Canton Lemon Noir in 1 ltr of cold, filtered water for 2 hours. Strain and serve over ice with a wedge of lemon and a sprig of mint.

Origin: Sri Lanka, India, Vietman, China, Italy

Region: -

Producer: -

Taste: Lemon drops, caramel
Aroma: Lemon drops
Liquor: Mahogany rich
Body: Robust with a silky smoothness

For perfect tea




3 min


Black tea, orange peel, lemon essential oil

Other names

Lemon tea