Canton Darjeeling

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Chinese tea bushes thrive in the Himalayas and yield this sparkling 'Champagne of teas'.

Tea details


The picturesque Singell tea estate nestles among the foothills of the Himalyas. The leaves are plucked from historic Chinese varietal tea bushes planted as far back as 1861. Renowned for the desirable muscat grape flavours and the fresh, rosy scent.

Origin: India

Region: Darjeeling

Producer: Singell Tea Garden

Altitude: 1500m
Lat: 26° 53’ 45.564’’ N Long: 88° 15’ 29.052’’ E
Harvest: June 2018
Taste: Camphor, muscatel
Aroma: Grape, fig

For perfect tea




3 min


Black tea: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis

Other names

Darjeeling, Second Flush Darjeeling