Canton English Breakfast

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Congratulations. You have discovered the ultimate English Breakfast blend.

Tea details


We know and love each estate where the teas in this blend originate. Kenyan leaves bring depth and a gold colour, Assam adds maltiness, Rwandan tea makes the blend rich and smooth and Yunnan Chinese black tea gives a unique, dark cocoa flavour.

Origin: Kenya, Rwanda, India, China

Region: Kenya: Nandi County and Kaimosi County, Rwanda: Northern Province, India: Assam, China: Yunnan

Producer: -

Taste: Malt, fig, cocoa
Aroma: Wood stack Liquor: Deep ruby red
Body: Lively, full-bodied
Process: Expertly blended in the UK by Canton

For perfect tea




2 min


Black Tea: Camellia sinensis var. assamica

Other names

Traditional English Breakfast tea