Canton Jasmine Pearls

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Get carried away by exotic florals hovering over the sweetest green tea.

Tea details


Silvery pearls of green tea are hand-rolled from a bud and two leaves. The tea is then blanketed with a thick layer of fresh jasmine blossoms which release their aroma overnight. Each morning the flowers are blown away and fresh blossoms are heaped over the tea. Repeated six times the tea takes on the jasmine's heady aroma.

Origin: China

Region: Yunnan and Guanxi Province

Producer: Farmer Li Jianguo

Tea harvest: April 2018
Taste: Jasmine, honeydew melon, hay

For perfect tea




3 min


Green tea, jasmine blossom

Other names

Mo Li Zhen Zhu Cha, Jasmine tea, Jasmine Dragon tea, Buddha's Tears, Phoenix Pearls, Jasmine green tea