Limited Edition No. 1: Yunnan Pure Gold

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A black tea so fine it deserves a category of its own: gold tea. Just the top buds of the tea bush are rolled with the lightest touch to produce golden, ringlet-like twists.

Tea details


A black tea so fine it deserves a category of its own – Gold Tea. As well as the high altitude, the clean, lush subtropical surroundings and the intense level of skill and care that has gone into crafting every leaf, there are several other factors that contribute to making this outstanding tea. Pure Gold is made only with the leaves of the Yunkang #100 – a hybrid of the Camellia sinensis assamica developed by the Yunnan Agronomy University Tea Research Institute. What’s special about Yunkang #100 tea bush is it’s extremely low tannin and high sweetness levels. The time of harvest is also crucial. The picking is at the beginning of the season in early March, making it the first pick of the year after a long period of dormancy. All the flavour is concentrated in these very top buds. The Liu Family also follow a very strict, high, picking standard, hand selecting just the top, delicate downy buds. Pure Gold undergoes minimal processing with an extreme level of care. The buds are oxidised and lightly rolled to produce bright golden ringlet-like twists.

Origin: China

Region: Mojiang County, Yunnan

Producer: The Liu Family

Altitude: 1350-1400m
Lat: 23°19'31.7" N Long: 101°35'48.8" E
Harvest: March 2018
Taste: Malt, muscovado, vanilla pod
Aroma: Hay bails and tack

For perfect tea




3 min


Black tea: Camellia sinensis assamica 'Yunkang #100'

Other names

Dian Hong, Yunnan Black, Gold Tea, Golden Buds, Yunnan Gold