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Obubu Shaded Sencha

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Handcrafted by Akky San

An exceptional Japanese green tea from the forward thinking Obubu Tea Gardens.

Obubu Tea Farm is a forward-thinking, agricultural social venture in Wazuka, near Kyoto, Japan. It was founded by Akihiro Kita, or Akky-san, who fell in love with the tea produced in the Wazuka region and changed his life to work as a farm-hand and learn the art of producing tea. This Shaded Sencha is a gorgeous example of a traditional Japanese green tea, made to the highest standard at Obubu Farms. Its vivid green leaves and distinct flavour profile are a result of the way it is grown. Two weeks before harvesting, the leaves are shaded from the sun, a process which stimulates the production of chlorophyll within the leaves, as well as maintaining a high level of amino acids. This creates a tea with a strong umami flavour, a distinct lack of astringency and a luxurious, rounded mouthfeel. To experience the full umami taste of Obubu Shaded Sencha, brew it at a very low temperature: around 60 °C.