Limited Edition No. 5: Four Seasons Yellow

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A supremely rare, experimental yellow tea from Taiwan. Mr Chen developed a whole new processing method to create this extremely desirable and unique tea- a first for Taiwan.

Tea details


Quite simply, one of the rarest teas in the world. Yellow tea is a unique category of tea traditionally made in only a few provinces in China in very small quantities. The method of production is jealously guarded and the resulting teas are highly prized. Like green tea, yellow tea is picked, withered and heated to halt oxidation but then there is an extra process of ‘Menhuang’ or the yellowing. This involves wrapping the tea in paper for around 48 hours to produce a slight fermentation which reduces grassy notes and increases nutty notes. As far as we know this is the first yellow tea to be produced in Taiwan. It is made from the relatively new Si Ji Chun (Four Seasons) cultivar, developed by the Taiwanese Tea Research Institute. It was developed to cope with a hotter climate and thrive at lower altitude, as well as releasing the characteristically floral notes of Taiwanese tea. The tea makers Farmer Chen and Mr Simon Chang have created an entirely new process by merging the traditional Chinese yellow with the Taiwanese oolong tea-making techniques. It is so skilful and requires such precision that the tea master was actively crafting the tea all day and throughout the entire night, describing the process as ‘like a marathon’.

Origin: Taiwan

Region: Mingjian, Nantou County

Producer: Mr Chen and Simon Chang

Altitude: 400m
Lat: 23°50'48.4" N Long: 120°43'00.6" E
Harvest: Spring 2018
Taste: Ginger biscuit, toasted barley, honeysuckle
Aroma: Freshly baked ginger biscuits

For perfect tea




2 min


Yellow tea: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis 'Si Ji Chun'

Other names

Yellow tea, Huang Cha