Canton Lychee and Rose Noir

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Rain drops on roses and sweet fruity lychee, it's a sensational harmony.

Tea details


This Chinese Yunnan Black tea lends itself superbly to blends, and is highly sought after for its naturally sweet, robust flavour. Blended with pure, high grade, lychee fruit oil, natural rose oil and dried rose petals, it is bursting with deep, warm fruit notes and highly aromatic rose.

Origin: China

Region: Yunnan Province

Producer: -

Altitude: 1000m
Harvest: March 2018 Taste: Lychee, caramel, malt
Aroma: Turkish Delight
Liquor: Mahogany rich
Body: Robust, silky smooth

For perfect tea




3 min


Black tea, lychee, rose petals

Other names

Scented tea, Rose tea