Canton Mango Noir

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Smooth black tea cushioning ripe, succulent mango sends you dizzy with delight

Tea details


The black tea in this extremely popular Fruit Noir blend is Yunnan black or Dian Hong. It is a very famous and sought after tea inside China due to its natural caramel fragrance and rich, sweet, robust flavour. It is a relatively new black tea - only around 100 years old - but it lends itself superbly to blends. In this Fruit Noir range it absorbs our high grade, natural, French fruit oils and is studded with dried fruit pieces that release their flavour when infused.

This intense mango tea is bursting with flavour, a deep and delightfully tropical infusion.

Origin: China

Region: Yunnan Province

Producer: -

Altitude: 1000m
Harvest: March 2018 Taste: Mango, caramel, malt
Aroma: Candied mango
Liquor: Mahogany rich
Body: Robust with a silky smoothness

For perfect tea




3 min


Black tea, mango, marigold petals

Other names

Mango tea