Canton Pouchong

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‘A tea so perfect that when I tasted it I quit my job and started a tea company.’ Jennifer Wood. Founder, Canton.

Tea details


A tea so good that it inspired the start of Canton. This Pouchong is from a Taiwanese garden founded by the Feng family in 1921 and handmade today by Farmer Feng and his two sons. Made from the Chin Shin cultivar (like many of the best teas) it is bursting with complex floral notes.

Origin: Taiwan

Region: Pinglin District

Producer: The Feng family

Altiude: 500m
Lat: 24° 55’ 30.072’’ N Long: 121° 43’ 9.552’’ E
Harvest: April 2018
Taste : Lily, peach, edamame
Aroma: Buttery shortbread

For perfect tea




3 min


Green tea: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis ‘Chin Shin’

Other names

Baozhong, Bao Zhong