Canton Rosebuds

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Just one sip and you’re there, dozing among the Damask roses of the sun-kissed Lalezhar Valley. Naturally caffeine-free.

Tea details


Utterly beautiful in appearance and flavour, these whole rose buds make a deliciously fragrant herbal infusion. Naturally caffeine-free, the infusion instantly soothes and calms. The buds are sourced from Lalezhar Valley in Iran, where their cultivation offers locals an alternative to growing opium poppies.

Origin: Iran

Region: Kerman Province

Producer: Homayoun Sanati

Altitude: 2200m
Lat: 29° 30’ 14.76’’ N Long: 56° 49’ 1.596’’ E
Harvest: June 2018
Taste: Rose, sherbert
Aroma: Turkish delight

For perfect tea




4 min


Rosebuds: Rosa Damascena

Other names

Rose tea, Rosebud tea