Canton Silver Needle

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Plump, soft and sweet enough to make the heavenly angels weep with joy.

Tea details


Silver needle is a simple beautiful thing: made only from tender young silvery leaf buds, slowly withered in the sun. This is quite full-bodied for a white tea, chosen from a small batch grown on Jing Gu mountain in Yunnan province. The buds are large, plump, succulent and irresistible.

Origin: China

Region: Jing Gu, Yunnan Province

Producer: Farmer Liang Xu

Altiude: 800m
Lat: 23° 29’ 32.28’’ N Long: 100° 41’ 12.372’’ E
Harvest: March 2018
Taste: Melon, oak, cucumber
Aroma: Warm hay

For perfect tea




3 min


White tea: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis ‘Da Bai Hao’

Other names

Da Bai Hao, Baihao Yinzhen, Yinzhen, White Hair Silver Needle, Silver Tip White Tea