Canton Wild Chai

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A thrilling romp with exuberent spices that capture the essence of India.

Tea details


The tea leaves are picked from very old trees growing wild in the mountains of Vietnam, then processed by a small, traditional co-operative. Blended with a heady mix of fruit, seeds and spice: Vietnamese cinnamon, Indian ginger, cardamom from Sri Lanka and Italian mandarin.

Origin: Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Italy

Region: Yen Bai (Vietnam)

Producer: Van Chan Co-operative

Taste: Spice, camphor
Aroma: Ginger cake Liquor: Mahogany
Body: Lively, full-bodied
Process: Blended in Alsace, France, exclusively for Canton

For perfect tea




4 min


Black tea, ginger, cassia, mandarin peel, cardamom seeds, black peppercorn, clove

Other names

Masala Chai, spiced tea